Great men take life as God made it and this is not how God designed life. The entire document has testimonies of more than 13 children, a tiny fraction of the innocent children that bear the same narrative of children being tortured, killed, raped, nails plucked off… If children are not being shot at by crazy religious fanatics their roofs are being blown off by incompetent soldiers. The end cannot afford to be justified by the means. It is recognized that a price has to be paid for change, but that price should never fall on women and children.… Read More ​TEARS OF INNOCENCE



When the rich have got too rich and they no longer feel the lure of money, they look for political power and when they want to asphyxiate certain people, they project their fears on the minorities. They start blaming their problems on other people and by doing so they demonize them and soon tensions rise and innocent children, young men, wives, husbands and police die.… Read More THE CORRUPTION IN AMERICAN MEDIA