The nature of the universe provides for the balance of power; that as new ones are born, others die. By realizing this as a fact, you soon understand that even in our age, as new Empires are born, others die. The countries that could be enjoying great riches could one day wither and die if they are not properly tended.… Read More ​A BORDERLESS WORLD



Men have the projection of God in themselves; they crave for the infinite, the very absolutes and the very perfect of everything. This means that we are caught in the mental vicious circle of desire. It somehow feels like happiness is dangled right in front of your face; the further you reach for it, the further it moves away from you… Read More MY PHILOSOPHY OF A HAPPY LIFE


read on my truth behind Gods view on the suffering that plagues mankind
……The pleas of men’s souls will command the angels to detach themselves from the heavens, to walk with mortals and to traverse the destinies of men. In such moments, mere mortals will have the audacity to stand on alters of the greatest of Thrones and to question Gods pyramid of knowledge. It is part of man’s nature to question what we don’t fully understand.… Read More THE INTERIOR OF TRUTH