The closing of borders for migrants can never happen, it cannot succeed and change has never been stopped. It will forge forward at whatever pace but it can not be stopped.
~From an earlier post.

The world is a society at its peak; it is the representation of what the human race aspires to be as it stands seven billion strong. Like any other society it should come with an understanding that we are but the temporary custodians of this world. This is how nature designed life. As the Buddhists and the Rastafarians teach; the great philosophers that they are, that we are but the temporary custodians of this world; that we are the universe. The intricacies of the nature of life guarantees that human beings experience life one at a time and that life has no price tag to it. 

It is only by seeing ourselves as one and One being a representation of every life that ever existed on earth, can the society that is the world progress. This line of thinking has ensured that we stand for each other when systems fail. The death of Syrian children, the souls that languish in jails out of standing up against dictators and even the migrants that are washing ashore the Libyan coast, should bother the world as much as if these events were happening in their own countries.

This kind of perspective pushes the world perspective to change into one that recognizes that very many dynamics shape the world that is going to shape the world of tomorrow. It also offers a chance at a bigger perspective of the earth as home to everyone. That when and if the tide changes your grand children’s children could one day be the migrants huddled up in a corner of some wooden boat, floating in the pitch darkness of the Mediterranean Sea.

The nature of the universe provides for the balance of power; that as new ones are born, others die. By realizing this as a fact, you soon understand that even in our age, as new Empires are born, others die. The countries that could be enjoying great riches could one day wither and die if they are not properly tended.

I am one of those people who takes comfort in the fact that we are the human race and we always find our way back to the truth. We are explorers by nature and we never give up on humanity. The world should hold limitless opportunities for any child that comes into this world and it is designed to be like that. Human beings will always want to look for a better life in another part of this world and they will always find a way to make it to the other side. To practice skepticism on this fact would be to hold the naivety of a teenager towards life, because human beings will always come up with new ways of beating the system.

It feels like the world has got into a new era of conflict, wars are emerging even before old ones die out. Isn’t it such a small picture of humanity for men to be confined by blind nationalism into certain areas? It does not feel right for the country that a child is born into, to determine the fate of such an innocent soul. There is no greater pain than to leave your motherland and as an anonymous immigrant said; no one puts their child in a boat if the water does not feel safer than the land. Most are running away from the horrors of war, poverty and the death of hope in the economies of their countries.

The rejection of migrants and the closing of borders for migrants is an effort in futility. The truth is that we are all from somewhere, even in Africa; what the world calls the cradle of mankind. As Africa stands over 3000 tribes strong, most of these tribes migrated into their present settlements from another part of Africa. This is how nature works and how nature rewards, this has seen the rise of great countries and mega empires in the world. The world thrives in diversity; it is a light house that shines hope in a troubled world. 

~Antony Mwangi.


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