Human beings are continuously evolving and with that, new thing are being discovered every day, the man of today will not be the man of tomorrow. We are constantly creating and recreating new things to make life better. Of these discoveries, some stick out as being out of this world, they are discoveries that almost sound fictional, but they are not.
While Africa might be seen to be making massive strides in development, some sectors are being left behind. One of these sectors is technology. Boasting of M-Pesa and a few other innovations simply does not cut it anymore. Africa still has a long way to go. For Africa to be truly on the world stage, we need massive technological breakthroughs that will put us at par with what the world is doing in terms of technology. To achieve this we need the ability to dream, innovate and create. It is not crazy to dream African countries leading the world in space exploration. It is also not crazy to dream of Africa becoming the next tech hub in the world. Africa is the next frontier and we need to be ready for the wind of change blowing across the world. We now have the brains and the technical ability to create. I have compiled a few technologies that challenge what we think can be achieved through a combination of dreaming big and a working education system.
The discovery of dark energy

There is more that we don’t know about than we know about, that is the nature of the universe we live in. The discovery of dark energy has captured the imagination of the world and has put mankind a step closer to understanding how galaxies, stars, planets and everything else in the universe formed and how they are presently forming.
Dark energy is a form of energy that is said to make up to 70 % of what the universe is made of. It is a form of energy that is as mysterious as the name suggest because scientists are yet to understand its properties and how it works. Scientists can only show its gravitational effect on matter but they cannot see it. This kind of energy can only be supported by x-ray and visible light.

This new discovery has put a twist to the big bang theory by daring to explain how particles of dark matter form in large extents of the vacuum of space.
Dark energy is said to be the reason as to why the universe is continuously expanding as galaxies fly away from each other at accelerating speeds.

The distribution of dark matter as seen from the hubble space telescope as a result of a collision of galaxies


Galaxies are said to total to over 100 billion billion galaxies, with each galaxy holding over 300 billion stars; our own sun is a star. Some stars such as the star UY-scuti  are a billion times bigger than our own sun. These kinds of statistics have convinced scientists on the possibility of life in the universe.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way



Position of our solar system in our galaxy

It would be selfish of us to think that we are the only life in a universe whose odds of other life runs to the billions. The reality is that man can be said to be a germ that lives on an unimportant rock on the outer edges of one of the smaller galaxies, but to discover ourselves on this rock called earth is but the beauty of God. Whether the African society accepts this to be true or not changes nothing, the truth is what it is.
One of the greatest tragedies of our time is to me, the belief that science and religion have to be at war and the literal translation of the Bible to man’s perspective; that the earth was created in six days. Doesn’t the book of psalms say that “God is timeless, for a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night”

Bionic technology

The technologies of this century are fascinating, stuff of science fiction seem to be jumping right out of movies and into our lives. Movies such as the Terminator, bionic woman and I robot in which characters are shown to poses super human strength by being part man and part machine are now a reality. Humans might wait a little longer for super human strength but advancement in prosthetic- artificial body parts- has made massive strides. Humans can now create artificial limbs, spleen, lungs, pancreases bladder, and even the heart.

409 TouchBio  021015.jpg

260 TouchBio  021015.jpg


The latest in prosthetic has equipped amputees with the sensory abilities of touch and the flexibility of a normal hand. This technology allows the control of artificial limps by using thoughts just like controlling a normal arm.Scientists have been able to do this by linking nerves at the stump of amputees to these artificial marvels of technology. These have transformed the lives of amputees by creating a positive turn to their lives.

Organ printing

Waiting for a viable organ donor could soon be a thing of the past. Imagine having your kidney, bladder, heart, ear or even nose developed in a lab, well it is now possible. Technology is now available for the creation of artificial biological tissue. This has been made possible by the use of 3D printers that can create an organ structure layer by layer.

3D printed nose and ear

A 3D printed heart

The creation of an organ is done through a process called cell seeding in which ink jet printers are used to produce three dimensional biological tissues.

6-kidney prototype.jpg

An organic 3D printer curving a kidney

Wireless electricity

Wireless transmission of electricity is already with us, with the use of wireless chargers in modern smart phones, this is however nothing compared to what a group of scientists are making in the United States. These scientists seek to transmit power without the need for any wires. They are doing this by using electromagnetic waves to induce coils with electricity.
With this kind of technology, you could soon be living in a house with wireless light bulbs, cookers, televisions and a whole range of electrical appliances.
Imagine living in a world where your phone charges in your pocket while you walk around town, where your laptop doesn’t come with cumbersome cables. Your electric car could one day charge on any parking lot by simply charging from a wireless charger. The possibilities are endless.
-Antony Mwangi.








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