I recently read something new, the kind of new that draws your brain into deep thoughts that take you to the edges of human understanding of the laws of this universe. Like most deep thinkers, once a new thought strikes me, one that I previously had not thought about, it downs the first domino and I am at the mercy of the depth of the rabbit hole. The words were very slick and smooth, in a way that parallels the gospel of Jesus.
“There has to be faith which is not expressed in things to which we cling, in ideas, opinions, to which we cling in a kind of desperation. Faith is the act of letting go and that must begin with the letting go of god” notice that god is a creation of man and thus g is in lower case.
God’s love is unconditional, in ways that are hard for us mortal men to wrap our brains around, that he loves us in a way that he is always ready to forgive no matter the gravity of the sin. This love is however one directional, we love Gods enterprise for its ability to give, provide and comfort us. We love God for the fact that he serves our mortal needs of belonging, love, hope and happiness, but would we still love him if he developed a blind eye and a bad ear for a few days? Would you still love him if he put you through what job went through? To have no saint to turn to, to have your family, wealth and hope taken away from you? This should not be the nature of unconditional love.
We love God, accept and profess his love because we expect better grades, more money, a better job, protection, love, hope, belonging, the list is endless. It is a peculiar relationship of man wanting and getting. By loving God in this manner we deny ourselves of the opportunity to understand God and his love for mankind. In this way man has created an efficacy of God, one that draws from certain sections on the real nature of most gods. By the Bible talking of unconditional love, it talks of one that we love our God without any strings attached, such is His love for mankind. We should love God, accept to come into His fold and profess of being saved weather by getting saved we obtain worldly benefits or not, for He loves us in this manner. I love my father because…. I just love him, it is that simple. I would still love him even if he was unemployed and cannot afford my needs as his son. We however hold onto a dream of Gods true nature. It is only by letting go of this effigy that we gain deeper understanding on his plans for us.
There is no sun without shadow and it is therefore necessary to know the shadow that one may understand the lure of light and religion has a certain lure to it. It has the capacity to transform and inspire men to greatness. It provides hope to the injustice of man’s life on earth, hope of a better life after this and in this way religion is light.
Religion especially in Africa however has a dark shadow behind it, one that misguides our people into not seeking medical attention when they fall ill, to refrain from family planning and one that encourages religious spinoffs of witchcraft and juju. It has led to a desperate situation where our people pay for prayers, and the blessing of Gods hand.  A sad situation of success, money and power being packaged as commodities for sale, all in the name of the brand God. It is a situation that blinds the eyes of desperate young people, with no education and a feeling of marginalization to cross into Somalia to fight for the terrorist group al-shabaab, all in the name of Allah.
Poor people do not have the tendency to look behind them nor far into the future for they know what wretchedness is following them into the future. They live for the moment and even after countless expos on the thievery in our churches you can be assured that they will continue paying for God and the likes of pastor Kanyari will always exist.
It is not right for a man sickly with AIDS to leave his hospital bed to attend a week long Christian seminar of some church that feeds its members the ignorance of mass healing and for the man to die latterm on during the seminar of complications. For the Christian community to sit and watch this nonsense in our churches and to refrain from pointing out the bullshit for what it is, that others may not step on it, is but the greatest form of hypocrisy, one that stems from the fear of critiquing the so called men of God.
Religiosity is the exaggerated feeling of piety and religious zeal. It is an addiction; studies show a link between poverty and religiosity. It is a plague that slowly eats its way into the heart of the development of our societies. It breeds religious spinoffs such as witchcraft. We now have societies that are afraid of working hard and succeeding because they will be bewitched by jealous eyes. Our old men in the Mombasa region of Kenya are now being killed because of the misguided belief that they are feeding off the young people’s youth. I cannot imagine the pain of having your children tie you up as you listen in on their conversation as they deliberate on the best way of killing you.
A combination of religiosity and poverty has a vision of its own, one that leaves the fate of man to the unseen forces that govern over life and death. It is a vision that equates man to a bird, see how they fly without worry and care, yet the good lord provides for them, so they don’t work as hard as they should. It is a vision that sees no importance in education, a doctor or government. So they don’t take their children to school, go to hospital, practice family planning or even vote. It is a kind of ignorance that denies Africa of the strength to open its wings and fly.
It is a vision that has God giving man a huge boulder of his life on earth, and has him carry the huge load to the top of a hill. The boulder however keeps rolling to the bottom of the hill as soon as man reaches the top. It is a torturous task and man does it over and over again. His hands are heavily blistered and his lips dry with thirst. He shakes with fatigue but keeps moving up and down the hill. God however cannot give you what you cannot handle and that is why he does not relent in his task. In this way is this torture? When man has the mental fortitude to keep forging forward is it worthy of being called torture in such circumstances? It is an answer that religiosity never answers. An answer that explains that life is just life and not everything in this life is a result of the devil or witchcraft but a make-up of Gods ingenuity in the intricacy of his work. That sometimes things happen simply because… they just do. In religiosity one ceases to worship God and looks to gods, gods that deserve the scorn of GOD.
-Antony mwangi

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