A beautiful mind

We all know that weird guy that sits or sat at the back of the class, yes… that weird guy, quiet, earphones plugged in or busy reading a book. Once in a while he or she will engage in a five second conversation with the small circle of a few friends that he maintains, you almost wonder out loud what they talk about. He is the guy that never attends any of the parties at school and when he does, he keeps wondering if it is okay to leave, his idea of fun is being alone at home reading a book, watching a movie, playing video games or listening to music. I am talking about introverts and I am one of them.

What does the world know about introverts? Well the world has no idea what an introvert is, it has a misconstrued notion of what we are, to the world an introvert is shy, has social phobia or has a personality disorder.

To an introvert, the world is like a sideline skeptic, it thinks it knows what is going on but it has no idea. Introverts are like cryptic codes that even hackers can’t hack, so who are we? Broken down and decoded…. we love silence, peace, music, lyrics, melody and new ideas. We engage in weird hobbies like photography and writing, we find silence in a noisy world, the clarity of being alone in a chaotic world. We might seem quiet but our hearts, souls and minds will deafen you. We find it fascinating to sit in tranquility and study human behavior; we see everything that goes on from the safety of solitude.

Being an introvert is like sitting alone in a crowded world. It is not that we don’t want to talk to you; it’s just that it takes too much effort. And when I am sited in the back before that lecture begins… I am busy feeding my imaginative side with smooth jazz to quell the noise in my head so that I can pay attention in class.

Unlike the rest of the world, we are held by another kind of gravity, we are held by solitude, in solitude we find healing, we hold monologues within ourselves, we listen to our hearts, in the absence of the world, we find answers, and we are stimulated into creativity by solitude.

Introverts can socialize easily, we just choose not to, we find no social significance in engaging in endless chatter about things that don’t really matter “he got a weird haircut … that girl looks really good… have you watched that new movie? “. While the lot of you like going out in numbers…our brains are not mapped for that. Going out feels like wearing the wrong size of a shoe, it’s uncomfortable all the way.

I personally like the weird type, the guy that dresses funny, the quiet guy at the back, the social misfit reading a novel, the guy in thick glasses with a blunt taste in life, they tend to be honest and when they form friendships, it’s always governed by mutual interests not by ulterior motives, agendas or self-interest. We don’t judge people by how they look, dress, where they come from or the money they have. We are secure about ourselves; we are different because we don’t see the need to show conformity in the society, we don’t ossify in set human patterns. We are beautiful in our own right…and is that such a bad thing? I wouldn’t give the clarity of an introvert for the world.


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