I have something against ignorance, I hate ignorant people, an ignorant society and the lot that confines themselves to the prospects of the masses, they are an impediment to social progress, they settle for what they have.

All great social revolutions have been done by people who have the fortitude to go against the grain, these people however do not have to be a single person, sometimes it’s the whole society, generations that continuously push for a better life. The society IS because they were. They are the lot of Nelson Mandela, Marin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Wangari Mathai, they are the soldiers that see the sun in the middle of the night.

The current Kenyan society has a lot of hypocrisy, we are quick to admonish without considering the bigger picture. Kenyans have a hypocritical sanctimonious attitude. While we are quick to point out the flaws in the political system, the judiciary, schools and health care…. We are busy giving bribes, we dump trash anywhere, we overlap, we are busy asking for that 100 shillings to vote for that politician, so who exactly is to blame? The passenger that gets into an overcrowded matatu or the conductor that encourages you with the sambaza ?

The truth is that we as Kenyans celebrate evil, we have consistently managed to see the Robin Hood in the thugs, we celebrate drug barons for the short term handouts that they give, it is a classic case of Pablo Escobar taking from your future to satisfy your present. The political class is a reflection of the society…it is a reflection of who we are as Kenyans, so the next time you are about to speak out against that politician ….ask yourself… what am I doing at a personal level to better the society ?

This “social hypocrisy” is however not limited to the public, it is in every level, you see… the society has a way of maintaining a balance, it is an unwritten social order, like ants and every level has a role to play. The clergy, the media, activists, the education system, the political system… these are all part of the systems that keeps balance of the social equation, so when they do not speak out, it sends ripples of negligence throughout the whole system.

While we, as Kenyans view ourselves as the victims of corruption …. Victims of a society plagued by impunity … the pious lot… deprived by deceit …while we call for social justice, reforms of the arms of government, the respect of human rights… we are busy judging the minorities, the gays and lesbians, Muslims, Hindus, atheists… we are busy itching to lynch that chicken thief… so what does that say about us as a country?

We don’t even have to agree on the perspectives, who are we to judge? Aren’t we the same country that stood proud in passing a new constitution? That it was one of the best in the world? Then we have to respect it. The constitution should be rock steady, standing as a guide for the systems in place, not for the current generation only…. But for those to come… it should be impervious to change, a buckler to the institutions within the country. Certain sections of the constitution should not be changed for the simple interest of a certain generation

I wish that we as a country would cut the pharisaical act and look for solutions, WE are where we are because WE got us here… and until we recognize this as a fact… we are doomed to long for a place that only exists in dreams and prayers.

-Antony mwangi


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