demystifying rap


“Keep in mind when brothas start flexing the verbal skillz,

it always reflects what’s going on politically, socially,

and economical/y.” –Musician Davey D


There is no doubt that rap music is a powerful tool… Gods gift to man for it is rare to come across something that is so divine … its ability to relate to your life circumstances ,the truth in the words, a lot could be said. It is an art form that has been shaped by, segregation oppression and decades of rebellion hence the art of rap music might sound a little harsh. Rap music tells a story of news of the daily lives, dreams, and discontents outside of their immediate neighborhoods. rap music in this way is an art form in which one can choose the kind of character one deems best to deliver the massage best.

Rap music in like a movie script, the character that one plays does not necessarily translate to the life character and personality of the artists. Take the late 2 PAC , he came across an artists that rose from the roughs of the gutters with an unstable family background ,he however came from a stable background ,was accorded the best education his parents could afford. 2pac however chose a character that best told the experiences of others. Many rap critics judge rap music, from the tone of hip hop rap music, the art however simply tell the reality of the society without the need for undertones or social piety

Rap is a sophisticated form of art and not many people understand it and some don’t even recognize it to be art but a constant rumbling of words. Rap music is poetry on steroids ,if it was an animal it would have claws ,fangs and hair growing off its knuckles .

To demonstrate how beautiful rap music is..i will use on of my all time best artists, JAY Z. he is one of the most successful rap artists, he is a lyrical genius. I will explore his song oceans which features Frank Oceans

I like his music and his personality, he is ambitious has the ability to evolve and brought respect to rap music as an art. I can only compare him to Shakespeare

verse one

Elephant tusk on the bow of a sailing lady, docked on the Ivory Coast
Mercedes in a row winding down the road
I hope my black skin don’t dirt this white tuxedo before the Basquiat show
And if so, well fuck it, fuck it
Because this water drown my family, this water mixed my blood
This water tells my story, this water knows it all
Go ahead and spill some champagne in the water

Go ahead and watch the sun blaze on the waves of the ocean


In this verse jay z is talking about the contrast of where the black man begun and where he is right now ..that he can afford the luxuries that life offers such as champagne, a good  shows ,good clothes. He shows this by giving a paradox of the same water that brought slaves to America through pain is the same water that the black man can now enjoy taking his yacht out for fun.

He begins by talking about a slave ship off the coast of ivory coast with tasks on the bow then shifts to the current situation where he is able to afford several cars, a further paradox is drawn when he says he hopes his black skin does not dirt his white tuxedo to show the achievements that the black man has achieved. He also recognizes the many slaves that died that the black man can enjoy what he now has.

verse two

Dope boy still smelling like cocaina
White boat, white robe, can he be more cleaner?
The oil spill that BP ain’t clean up
I’m anti-Santa Maria
Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace

I don’t even like Washingtons in my pocket
Black card go hard when I’m shopping
Boat dock in front of Hermes picking cotton
Silk and fleeces, lay on my Jesus
Oh my God, I hope y’all don’t get seasick
See me in shit you never saw
If it wasn’t for these pictures they wouldn’t see me at all
Aww, whole world’s in awe
I crash through glass ceilings, I break through closed doors
I’m on the ocean, I’m in heaven

in this verse the artist makes reference to his past of selling drugs and shows how far he has come , he also talks about modern day problems such as pollution but with the constant undertow of the blood that was spilled during slavery has never been cleaned up ..the pain still exists to today

when he says he is anti santa maria ,he simply makes reference to a famous ship that sunk over 3000 years that was under the stewardship of Christopher Columbus . It was a flagship for the expedition that led to the discovery of the Americans.

verse 3

Me and Ty Ty is like Pablo and Popeye
Winding dirt roads on mopeds spilling Opus
Welcome to the magnum opus, the Magna Carta
The best-selling author Decoded
On the holiday playing “Strange Fruit”
If I’mma make it to a billi I can’t take the same route

Swoosh, that’s the sound of the border
Swoosh, and that’s the so
und of a baller
Muhammad Hovi my back against the rope
The black Maybach, I’m back inside the boat
Shepard Fairey they finally gave me some hope
Can’t believe they got a nigga to vote

Democrat? Nope, I sold dope
In trouble waters I had to learn how to float
On the ocean, I’m in heaven
Yachting, Ocean 11

this verse makes reference to his family and friends, the good life on a holiday enjoying “Strange Fruit” and the fact that foreigners built america and still make a significat contribution in the phrase swoosh, thats the sound of the border, swoosh thats the sound of a baller
a song by a 1939 artist Belle Holiday. He also justifies his past life of crime by the statement In trouble waters I had to learn how to float

this is why jay z is a genius,  

to listen to the song go to

happy listening beautiful people

-Antony mwangi

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